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American Heart Association's Made You Move

Unknown to the public, American Women are the most prone to heart health issues. The ultimate goal? Help women #makemoves, whether that be via workouts, nutritional tips, or educating them now which can help them later on. We targeted them when they're being the most inactive and created content to help them get started in taking charge of their health.

Director: Ira Rosensweig

CD: Jason Van Pierce

AD: Myself

CW: Annie Russo

AHA MB MadeYouMove Manifesto :30

AHA MB MadeYouMove Stop Sitting :30

AHA MB MadeYouMove Satisfied :30

AHA MB MadeYouMove The Hole :30


Creating snackable content relevant to users and giving them curated results encouraging them to take their health into their hands.


When viewers visit, they are welcomed with our spokesperson and ways in which they can take charge of their health.

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